For Devs: Guide to fetching isos and hosting them in sourceforge

This Article is written for Calinix Developers only

The goal is to fetch the latest iso of any CalinixOS and publish them on our Sourceforge page

It's a simple process

In this guide we download the CalinixOS iso for uploading to sourceforge

Navigate to the Actions of the repo

Check out the latest action with a green tick in it, which shows that the iso was successfully built.

You will see a Artifacts section when you visit the specific Action Page. Make sure you are signed in to GitHub to access artifacts

Download the artifact by clicking on it, and a Zip archive will start downloading. Extract the .zip file to get the iso.

Now login to sourceforge, open

Locate to the folder CalinixOS (Calinix Gex for gex or Calinix LTS for LTS)

Add a file, attach the iso and upload

And that's done

Remember to test an iso in a virtual machine before upload


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